drink to progress, green your ride, and rethink “support our troops” (and vets)

24 Mar 2010 by Traction, 2 Comments »

Hey Tractivists,

It’s been a hell of a week, and it’s barely half over!

Come out at Traction HQ tomorrow night and toast to progress!  Then stick around for the film The Good Soldier, hosted by Tractivist and young veteran Jeremy B., and a conversation about U.S. military actions and policies that will change how you think about supporting the troops.  RSVPs appreciated to soldier@getTraction.org and you can report for duty at 7pm @ 1018 Broad St.

Recent news round-up and linkfest…

Health Insurance Reform passes!
Thanks to the efforts of millions of us, President Obama signed a bill yesterday that…
- extends health insurance to more than 32 million people
- allows you to stay on your parents’ insurance until the age of 27
- bans discrimination based on pre-existing conditions
- and it saves money over the long-term: it’ll cut more than a trillion dollars from the deficit over 20 years.
For many progressives, it stopped short in several key ways — and the reproductive rights sacrifices went too far — but there’s a chance we’ll make it stronger before it’s finally final.  And there’s no denying that it’s a good step in the right direction and a historic achievement!

In scary news… the Tea Partiers are getting incredibly nasty, harassing members of Congress (like civil rights hero John Lewis and Barney Frank) using the N-word, the F-word and even spitting.  This Brave New Foundation video will frighten you, but you should see it.  This John Nichols column from The Nation provides historical perspective on right-wing opposition (Conservatives railed against Social Security too.), although I doubt it was quite this hateful.  And the Wake County school board ended Wake’s model diversity policy (again by a 5-4 vote).  Let there be no doubt — local elections matter!

Now for the kind of activism we LIKE to see…
Last weekend, 200,000 people marched for Comprehensive Immigration Reform!  Check out SEIU’s great 2-minute video.  And you may have missed some incredibly brave direct action for equality, with Lt. Dan Choi handcuffing himself to the White House gate to protest Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and bi-coastal sit-ins at Nancy Pelosi’s offices to demand passage of the Employee Non-Discrimination Act.

Last thing: mark your calendars for Green My Ride on Sunday afternoon April 11th.  You’ll learn many ways to shrink your carbon tireprint, including how to:
* change your own oil
* improve your gas mileage
* improve the performance and efficiency of your air conditioning
* switch to motor oils that don’t need to be changed often or are made from soy (not petroleum)
* and much more
Space is limited. Write greenmyride@getTraction.org for more info and/or to reserve your spot.

Keep Hope Alive, Lanya

P.S. Upcoming Traction events:
Thurs 3/25: ReelPolitik presents: The Good Soldier  soldier@getTraction.org
Sun 4/11: Learn to shrink your car’s carbon tireprint: greenmyride@getTraction.org
Sat 4/17: Trip to new civil rights museum in Greensboro: gbo@getTraction.org
Sun 4/25: Another freezer party (aka the potluck that keeps on giving): freezer@getTraction.org
plus Spring means the Traction Outdoors group is back!  Write outdoors@getTraction.org to be in the loop on hikes, swims, berry-pickings and more.


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