drink liberally with me (and 537 other progressive things you can do)

28 Jun 2010 by Guest Blogger, 10 Comments »
Dear Tractivists,

You’re invited to a special event to celebrate the release of “538 Ways to Live, Work and Play Like a Liberal.”  It’s my new book, and it’s about the many small ways to live progressive values in your every day life and the bigger idea of what it means to be liberal and why that matters for our country.

Even better: YOU are in the book!

WHAT: Three-part celebration of “538 Ways to Live, Work, and Play Like a Liberal”
WHEN: Thurs, July 8th from 5pm until 10-ish
WHERE: Traction HQ (map), then the Regulator, then Dain’s / Locopops
RSVPs appreciated: 538@getTraction.org

I founded Drinking Liberally back in 2003 and now I’m touring the country, visiting Drinking Liberally chapters and other progressive partners like Traction — who I featured in the book!  I’m eager to meet Tractivists and hopefully learn from you a few MORE ways to live like a liberal. 

Join me next Thursday, July 8th.  We’ll start at..
– 5pm at Traction HQ for a happy hour / sandwich night, then move to a…
– 7pm reading at the Regulator Bookshop, plus conversation including fellow Tractivists and other local liberals — including Stephen and Rebekah Hren of the Carbon-Free Home and Durham Central Market. After that, around…
– 8:30ish, we’ll cap off the evening by drinking liberally down the street at Dain‘s.  (And since Lanya swears I shouldn’t miss Locopops, some of us will probably take a detour there and circle back to Dain’s.)

Join us for any or all of the evening!  If you’re coming to Traction HQ, bring some sandwich-fixings to share and we’ll see what this community can whip up together.  Kinda like Stone Soup, but between two pieces of bread.  At a time when Tea Party activists dump our national discourse overboard, come discuss the vibrant cultural movement on the Left — and take part.

A little background on me:
Like many liberals during the Bush years, I needed a drink. So my friends and I started Drinking Liberally — getting together in a bar to talk politics. One liberal told another who told another and soon Americans everywhere were taking part.  As the organization grew, I realized how much more we could do to live our liberal values beyond voting and campaigning.  Food and entertainment choices should reflect our values.  We should choose media, retail and community resources free from corporate control.  We should bring the spirit of shared goals and common resources into interactions with neighbors and coworkers.  It’s all very Traction-esque, no?

Living Liberally now incorporates Eating Liberally meals, Screening Liberally films, Laughing Liberally comedy, and Reading Liberally book clubs.  Around the country, in 300 communities, more than 50,000 proud liberals who have found their political home.  Drawing from stories from across the United States, in my book — available at major on-line booksellers like indiebound.org, amazon.com, borders.com, barnesandnoble.com, and at local bookstores near you, including the Regulator — I offer 538 ideas on how you can make a difference in your everyday life.

I’ve been inspired by Traction from afar over the years.  This is my first time coming to Durham, and I’m excited to see the city and meet you all in person.  Join the fun — I look forward to sharing a night of discussion and some liberal drinking.

Justin Krebs
Roadtripper, Liberal Drinker, Tractivist

P.S. Upcoming…
June 30: Life of Pie (how to get the whole thing instead of just a slice): a life balance workshop. balance@getTraction.org Just 4 spaces left!
July 8: Hang out w/ Justin Krebs: founder of Drinking Liberally and author of 538 Ways to Live, Work and Play like a Liberal.  538@getTraction.org
Plus more outdoors events, maybe a green brewery tour, a wine tasting, and other ways to quench your summer thirst!


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