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13 Jul 2010 by Guest Blogger, 1 Comment »

Friendly Tractivist folks,

There are few things more enjoyable than the magnificent little blue fruit of the genus Vaccinium.

Whether they’re topping a tart, slipped into a salad, or sucked down by the sackful, the blueberry is a mouthwatering delight.  And what is the best way to enjoy this tiny treat?  Why eating them fresh off the bush at a local blueberry farm with your friends from Traction.

WHAT: Traction blueberry picking
WHEN: Sat, July 16th at 9:30am
WHERE: Herndon Hills Farm
WHY: Eat blueberries until you turn into Violet Beauregarde

Herndon Hills Farm is a small family-owned farm just on the South edge of Durham that specializes in pick-your-own berries and grapes.  You can pick until your heart’s content among rows and rows of blueberries and (if we’re lucky) blackberries all for $2.75/lb.

Family farming has a long tradition in this part of the state.  Unfortunately, sprawl has destroyed many farms and much of the rural character, especially in South Durham where malls and large subdivisions have exploded from the ground in the past decade.  By supporting these local farms, we not only reduce our dependence on imported produce that requires loads of fossil fuels to be shipped across the country only to deliver a mediocre product — we also maintain an important connection to this region’s agricultural history.

To reduce the environmental impact of eating produce from afar later, when it’s out of season, why not pick some extra blueberries right now?  Blueberries do an excellent job of keeping their flavor and character in the freezer.  Preserving them for a taste of summer in a winter dessert is as simple as washing the blueberries, putting them in a seal-able plastic bag, extracting as much air as possible, and freezing them.  They can also be dried for a nice portable snack or canned into a delicious jam.

Great news: Toxic Free NC is partnering with Traction on this event — they’ll provide information about the impact of pesticides on people and the environment, and give us ways to make a difference.  More great news: Herndon Hills Farm never sprays their crops with pesticides!

Because the picking will take place in a sun-soaked field, I strongly recommend sunscreen and a hat.  We want to be there for the blue, not the red.  To RSVP, or for more info including directions, preservation tips and carpooling information, email  And be on the lookout for a chance to float down a river in the near future with your best (and/or newest) Tractivist buddies.

I look forward to seeing everyone out there!

James Beidler
local fruit chomper, pun lover, Tractivist

One Comment

  1. fifa4joy says:

    Pretty educational, looking forwards to coming back

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